Most websites use "cookies" to help improve the online experience for users. Each cookie is a small text file that the website downloads onto a user’s device. Natixis Investment Managers uses cookies for several reasons: to tell us how and when pages of our sites are visited, to identify our visitors’ technology preferences and to ensure that our websites are working properly.

The cookies we use contain information that identifies your computer and stores data about your visits to our websites. This table lists each cookie we apply to our websites and explains its purpose.

Cookie Name Purpose 
Customization JSESSIONID
Cookiemessage flashtalkingad1
Allows us to track individual user sessions on our websites to create a more customised experience.
Consent Form




Consent and Registered are activated when users accept the consent form.

If there is a change in the consent form, Timenow is used to track and recreate the cookie.

NetScaler Load Balancer NSC NSC is used to select the service for subsequent requests and ensure your browsing session remains on the same server.
Google Analytics






Cookies starting with "__utm" collect information about how visitors use the site.

This information is compiled to help make improvements to the site.

ReMessaging _twitter_sess To promote our Social Media account(s).
WebTrends WT_FPC
Analytic cookies used to track user activity.

Managing Cookies

Check and Delete: If you decide to change the use of cookies or choose to disable cookies, you can change your browser settings.

Most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies or to accept only certain types of cookies or ask you each time a website wants to store a cookie, and also allow you to delete cookies stored on your computer.

To manage cookies in the way that best meets your needs, we invite you to change your browser settings based on its configuration to control or prevent cookies from being stored:

Internet Explorer™
Tools Menu > Internet Options > Confidentiality

Safari Menu > Preferences > Confidentiality

Chrome Menu (tools) > Settings > Display advanced settings > Confidentiality > Content settings > Cookies

Tools menu > Options > Privacy > History > Cookies

Preferences > Advanced > Cookies