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In today’s markets, investors need to be smarter about their equity investments. Actively managed equity funds can play an essential role in portfolio construction. They offer the potential for alpha, with returns that can deviate from passive benchmark performance. But manager selection is key. Funds with a strong process, more concentrated portfolios and holdings that diverge from the benchmark (high active share) generally present attractive opportunities.

Explore four ways to activate your equity allocation and help your clients build more durable portfolios.

Harris Associates
Global Equity Fund

Opportunities across global markets
  • The fund seeks to identify high quality businesses selling at attractively low prices anywhere in the world.
  • The managers' very best ideas lead to a concentrated portfolio of 30-60 stocks.

Harris Associates
U.S. Equity Fund

Focus on U.S. market
  • The fund emphasizes value and quality, investing in U.S. companies with a market capitalization of USD$5 billion or more at the time of purchase.
  • The fund typically holds 40-50 stocks that represent the managers' best ideas.

Natixis Emerging
Europe Fund

Focus on emerging Europe opportunities
  • The fund primarily invests in the emerging market companies in Europe.
  • Conviction drives portfolio construction
  • The investment universe is broader than the reference index offering a more diversified opportunity set.

Natixis Europe Smaller Companies Fund

Focus on European small and mid cap companies
  • The fund invests in the small/mid European stocks with more dynamic growth prospects than large stocks.
  • Fundamental stock picking combined with macroeconomic cycles leads to a portfolio of 80-150 stocks.